Monday, 5 November 2012

November Travel Round-up for BritMums

My latest travel round-up is published on the BritMums blog today.

There are posts about a fabulous family farm holiday in Cornwall, Sandy Balls camping complex in the New Forest (no sniggering at the back!) and how to have fun with a campervan called Betty.

Away from our shores there are posts about Copenhagen, Turkey and Lithuania.

If you're a bit of a foody there are two posts featuring an awful lot of eating in London and New York.

Finally, there's an interesting comment from someone who thinks holidays might be bad for your health as she feels so grumpy when she returns home and has to tackle real life again.



  1. We are determined to get to Turkey with the kids - after Cuba - so I am looking forward to reading about his. Kevin and I both went as singles but there is some much there for kids, beach, ruins and great food.

    1. We've never been to Turkey, Jodi. The blog post mentions a few hotels: looks like the latest one she visited was a brilliant one.


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